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Personalized Granite Monuments and Memorials

Canadian Rock Signs Ltd makes granite monuments in honour of your loved one’s memory. We offer everything available in the monument industry.

Examples of Our Products

Upright Granite Monuments

We offer multiple design options at low prices for upright monuments. Our monuments are an example of enduring beauty and top-quality that will last forever. We also create custom standing monuments that include:

Custom artworks

Custom cross

Colour artworks

Heart shape

Gold etched lettering and artworks

Laser etching

Large black granite blocks

Unique shapes

Porcelain photos

Porcelain photos with artworks

Combined pillow monuments

Pillow Granite Monuments

Unlike an upright memorial, a pillow monument slopes from back to front. Pillow monuments have classic detailing and styling but can also be blended with contemporary treatments. These memorials carry companion inscriptions.


Whether you need a regular rectangular monument or a customized one, we can make them all for you. We also offer entrance signs for institutions. Contact us for more information.


Enduring Granite Monuments

We offer limitless design options at low prices for granite monuments.

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