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The Most Beautiful, Longest lasting Tee Sign Ever Made

Golf Tee Signs

We offer the following tee sign styles:

Cut boulder tee sign: This is a beautiful natural cut stone with design deeply engraved into the face. This is the most natural tee sign found in the industry today.


Granite sign on rock bracket: This is a standard size granite plaque mounted on a rock or boulder using a custom bracket.


Grey granite pedestal: This is a tall and elegant way of displaying golf hole information on a granite pedestal.


Advertising sign: This is available in any size depending on your need and space availability: Most common 20"x10" or 20"x14".

Golf course obtain their signs by purchasing direct; through membership dontations and advertising programs.


Custom Tee Signs Sold Throughout Canada and United States

This will be the last tee sign you will ever need to purchase. Made out of cut Canadian granite stone; complete with all information and design. Signs we built 35 years ago for the Sue Saint Marie golf course are still being used today. We provide custom tee signs made of natural granite boulders proven to stand the test of time. Each guaranteed to add beauty, class and elegance to all environments placed into. 


3 feet tall, 1000lbs on average
Easy installation
Comes with a cut base
No hole design 24" x 24" x 12" (Not Polished) Canada $1,700 & USA $1,400 (Polished) Canada $2,250 & USA $1,800

With hole design 38" x 24" x 18" (Not Polished) Canada $2,700 & USA $2,250 (Polished) Canada $3,100 & USA $2,550
Approx; $500 for freight to most locations in North America

Order a set before 2025, and receive a free stone welcome clubhouse sign

Many obtain our tee signs free through various sponsorship programs. You can contact us to learn more about these programs.

Other Examples of Our Products

golf tree

Classic Golf Tee Signs

Turn to us for beautiful and long-lasting golf tee signs.

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