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Eye-catching Business Entrance Signs

Turn to Canadian Rock Signs Ltd for maintenance-free business entrance signs in Lacombe. We also provide municipality signs that are enduring and long-lasting most others. You can count on us for a wide variety of business and municipality entrance signs that come in different styles, shapes and sizes.




* Large stones and boulders

* Custom rock and epoxy signs

* Concrete business signs

* Stamped concrete

* Granite etched inserts

Entrance Displays

Rock Signs have been building unque entrance displays since 1988. We are the only company which builds signs using naturally colored stones combined with man's strongest epoxies. These signs last a lifetime while requiring little or no money spent on upkeep.


Get in touch with us to order your custom business entrance sign today.

Examples of Our Products

entrance sign

Durable Entrance Signs

Count on us for maintenance-free entrance signs and displays.

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