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36 years building beautiful stone and granite products

Canadian Rock Signs Ltd provides long-lasting rock signs to clients across Canada. We are a team of skilled professionals who believe in making high-quality rock signs such as natural stone signs and headstones, granite monuments, entrance signs and golf tee signs. Some of the most unique signs you will ever find. We offer onsite sandblasting/painting services in the Alberta area.


Our team also provides memorial benches in honour of individuals and their memories. Call or Email us today to place your order for any of the above.

Why Choose Us?

Incorporated in 1988, Rock Signs has been delivering natural stone signs that are durable, high-end and high-class which require no maintenance. Our staff members have wide industry experience and bring professionalism into the business.


With years of dedication, we have gained a reputation for bringing your ideas to life in solid stone. You can count on us to make unique monuments, benches and signs for your loved ones in any shape and size with the design of your choice.

Our Specialties

Along with providing our rock sign products to individuals, we also offer our products for golf courses and municipality bodies. We specialize in rock signs for:

Entrance signs for municipalities, businesses and home owners

Municipal park displays

Stone & Granite golf tee signs

Natural stone & granite monuments

Memorial benches

Advertising benches

And much more

natural stone

Inscribe Your Farewell Messages

We are committed to finding the perfect stone and inscribing a farewell message on the monument of the dear one you lost.

granite monuments

Upright and Pillow Granite Monuments

We offer granite monuments having colours and custom artworks in all shapes and at fair prices.


Golf Tee Signs for Your Club

We offer golf tee signs through various sponsorship programs to help you change the look and feel of your club.

entrance signs

Stone and Concrete Entrance Signs

We provide customized entrance signs and displays for businesses, municipalities, village entrances, hotels, estates and more.


Inscriptions on Large Stones

We provide customized styles, text and design options for our onsite sandblasting and painting services.

memorial bench

Personalized Memorial Benches

We make long-lasting memorial benches in remembrance of loved ones to pay them tribute while giving back to the community.


Methods of Payment

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