Advertisement Benches

Advertisement Benches

Eye Catching
Affluent Target Market
Fun (Sponsors Tournament)

As with many of our other products, these benches can pay for themselves by setting up a simple advertising program. Provide excellent quality and long lasting seating for the golfers on your course, while opening a stream for additional revenue by featuring advertisers on the benches.

If you would like help setting up an advertisement program, would like to know more about the sponsors tournaments, or would like us to set one up for you feel free to contact us.

Examples of This Product


An advertising bench ordered by Remax. Several were placed throughout Lacombe

6' Bench: $1,600

Large Plaque: $685

2x Colours

Leg Pads: $300

Rotary Club

An advertising bench purchased by the Rotary Club of Lacombe

4' Bench: $990

Large Plaque: $635

1x Colour